Saturday, October 11, 2008

International Coach Institute Certification

ICF ACSTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (125 hours) to begin your coaching journey. DREAM of your new beginning, DISCOVER your potential, REALIZE your coaching profession. Become an International Certified Coach with Dr. Carol A. Turner, ICF Master Certified Coach.

"I think our coaching session yesterday was amazing. I didn't expect to get a two fold return on this session, coaching experience AND personal support. I can not recall ever having anyone help me through tough situations and yesterday's interaction was truly something I have never even remotely come close to experiencing. Oh my goodness, I now have an even greater appreciation for the coaching profession. If I can, one day, have an impact on someone like you all had on me, WOW! what a gift."
Pamela Nice
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 3, 2009

If you would like to join our wiki for coaching certification, please contact International Coach Institute and fill out the contact form for permission to the link below:

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