Monday, May 26, 2008

The Coaching Gym for Dentists

What is a Dentist Coaching Gym?

A dentist coaching gym is a place to Re-energize yourself as a leader of your business to Re-engage your office staff. It is to bring teamwork into your office. All of these are possible, even for well-established practices with little turn-over in your office staff.

Join the Coaching Gym now to bring the sparkle back into your eyes so that you can build a new energy, a new passion for your dentistry.

Dr. Carol Turner will work with you first on a one-on-one basis, and then work with your staff to rebuild a cohesive team in your office. There will be follow-on coaching calls with other leaders in your field.

Please sign up at our web site, (just click on the business card on our blog home page) for the next six months to share the learning. Our program is leading edge in bringing your best leadership into play with an engaged workforce. We guarantee results!!

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